Create eventful and unique live productions.

Create eventful and unique live productions.

If you need to arrange a live production, we can help you with everything from either parts of the production as well as a total solution. At ShowTech, we live and breathe to create eventful live productions. One of the types of live productions that we have extensive experience with are festivals and concerts.

Over 10 years, our specialized team has created completely unique technical productions for several concerts and festivals.

At live productions, we can help with everything from
  • Technical production in the form of lighting design and sound production
  • A unique scenography and AV production suitable for your particular concert
  • Professional project and production management
  • Advice and guidance both before, during and after production

Choose a solution that gives your event value

With ShowTech, we guarantee that you will find a professional event partner and supplier
which ensures valuable and successful results.

Full-Service productions

Get professional help for your event from start to finish. We take care of everything from planning, setup, execution and evaluation.

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Event production

Get help with parts of your event. This can involve everything from equipment rental, technical support and settlement, project management, etc.

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Technical event solutions

Get help with the technical elements of your event. This involves everything from sound production, AV setup and lighting design.

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Event & project management

Have one of our competent project managers ensure that your event runs appropriately and according to plan.

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Event advisement

Get professional advice and guidance on how your next event can go without restrictions.

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Sound, light and AV for your next festival or concert.

Whether it is larger og smaller, outdoor or indoor concerts or festivals, we can help you with the right technical production and equipment. With our many years of experience and growing product portfolio, our team of technical event specialists are available to make your next concert or festival a completely unique experience.

Create the ideal setting for your event with the right light, sound and AV.

The technique is often important for a successful live production such as festivals and concerts. At ShowTech, we have the means and the right knowledge to create extraordinary technical solutions, both in the form of lighting design, sound production and AV design. Together we will find the perfect solution that suits your and your artist's needs and dreams for your next live event.

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Sound, light and AV for your next festival or concert.
Create the ideal setting for your event!

Create the ideal settings around your event!

The ideal setting for any concert or festival is very relevant for the outcome of the event. A concert requires both the right planning, the right location and precautions for hosting. At ShowTech, we have the opportunity to help you create the perfect setting for your event, so you can enjoy a complete experience with peace of mind.

We can offer all the equipment and the professional knowledge and guidance that you need to realize your next concert or festival. We offer, among other things, stages, stands and the right technical equipment.

Stages and stands.

If you lack the right setting for the stage or perhaps stands for your spectators, you can find it with us. We have a large selection of different solutions for stages and stands, so that your event can be held in a safe space. We can offer everything from special-made stage podiums and stands to mobile stages that can be easily set up.

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