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With ShowTech as your technical event provider, you will find a professional and experienced partner.
We are one of the country's leading suppliers of technical productions and events, with over 10
years of experience, we create unique experiences.


Creative and special-made solutions

We know that no two events are alike and therefore always require good consideration and understanding of the customer's needs and wishes. At ShowTech, you don't just get a standard technical solution for your next event. We make every effort to listen to your wishes and needs for both you and the event, whereby we find the solution that best suits your event.

Our team of technicians, designers and event producers have many years of experience in the industry and have gradually created a number of technical solutions for different types of events. We have a large amount of several types of technical equipment, within sound, light and AV. This makes us a strong technical partner and supplier, which can handle a large range of different types of events regardless of size.


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we can offer for your next event



Stage and lighting design

Within stage lighting and lighting design, we have a large selection of creative solution. It involves everything from lights to concerts, parties, conferences, show events and generally light art. We offer everything from rental of lamps with setup and installation, but also a full production where we handle the light throughout the event.

In our selection you will always find professional lighting equipment, while we always follow the latest trends in lighting and lighting design. We can offer both smaller solutions for small events and magnificent solutions for the large full production.

We know that not all events are the same and therefore always take the time to understand our customers' needs and wishes. We can always tailor a solution that suits your event specifically.


Professional sound equipment and production

The sound fills a large part of many types of events and is also often decisive of the course of the event. At ShowTech, we have a large selection of the latest professional equipment and have the leading specialists in-house within sound production for events. We can offer equipment for everything from conferences to large concerts and festivals.

We have a wide solutions of audio product kits. We can handle both smaller and larger events. We offer rental with installation and setup, as well as full production where we provide the sound all the way through your event.

With a professional selection of sound equipment and a first-class team of specialists and sound technicians, we can always ensure that the sound for your event goes exactly according to plan. Do you want us to be in charge of the sound for your next event?


Professional AV-equipment and setup

What is AV equipment within event and production?

AV equipment, also called audiovisual equipment, is, as the name suggests, the equipment used to present and combine audio and video production. Within the event world, these are mainly digital big screens, projectors, speakers, sound systems and microphones.

Find the right AV equipment for your event.

At ShowTech, you will find a large selection of AV equipment, which covers all events and productions regardless of size. We can handle the AV production for your event with everything from standard solutions to special made solutions specifically to your needs and wishes. The right AV solutions are often absolutely essential for many types of events. It can be anything from conferences and meetings to big concerts and live productions.

At ShowTech, we can be there throughout the planning, setup and event. With one technical supplier, you can ensure the best interaction between the technology for your event.


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