Are you looking for a stand or stage rental for your event?

Are you looking for stand or stage rental for your event?

At ShowTech we have a large selection of stages and stands for different types of events. With more than 15 years of experience in the event industry, we have been responsible for a number of productions where both stages and stands have been included. It has been everything from fashion shows, conferences, concerts, award shows and product launches. With us as supplier, we can ensure a professional service.

Flexible and og customized stage podiums.

Our stage podiums ensures, among other things, a flexible and relatively customized solution. The podiums can be used to build both stages and stands. Stage podiums are a solution where neither size, shape or height becomes a big challenge. This is due to the fact that they can easily be put together to fit your event's needs. In addition, our podiums can be supplied with legs, so they can be made in different heights, which also makes it possible to build stands. We can supply both chairs and screens in the form of fences. With a smooth, non-slop wooden surface, you will find a stylish stage, but it is always possible to find special solutions in relation to the surface of the stage to suit your particular event. With the podiums' flexibility in relation to the possibility of customization, they are therefore suitable for all types of events.

Mobile stages for outdoor use.

In addition to stage podiums, we also offer solutions with mobile stages. This solution is relevant especially for outdoor events and show events, as they are on a trailer and can ealisy be moved to the selected location. It is therefore an easy solution with transport and installation.

A mobile stage is therefore a flexible and spacious solution, which is ideal for example street parties, outdoor concert etc. The mobile stages come without stage equipment such as sound, light and AV, but we also have the opportunity to take care of this when we deliver and set it up.


Vi tilbyder også forskellige typer af sceneudstyr

Stage equipment is necessary for an event like this, as it helps to complete the experience. We specialize in light, sound and AV and therefore also have the opportunity to design anything around the stage. For this we offer various form of light and AV

depending on the type and need of the event. In addition, we also have the opportunity to set up and produce the sound during your event, so you ensure an event without challanges with the sound. At ShowTech you will find all the stage equipment you need to create unique live productions.

We are always ready to help and guide you through the decision about the stand or stage choices. We can offer help with both parts of your event or a total solution. The most important thing for us is that your needs and wishes are realized.

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We also offer different types of stage equipment

Leje af scener og tribuner til ethvert arrangement

Are you hosting either a fashionshow, product launch, conference, award show etc. and need a stage or stand for your event?
Then you have come to the right place! We can supply stages and stands for several types of events, depending on your individual wishes and needs.

Our equipment has been used for different event types. See the selection of our solutions below and find inspiration for your next event.

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We have a large selection of products and equipment for any event. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions regarding our
stages and stands or hear more about how we can help with your next event.