Host company events that creates close relationships between colleagues and partners.

Host company events that creates close relationships between colleagues and partners.

Are you a planner of a company event or do you need an event partner to realize your dreams? At ShowTech, we can offer several solutions for corporate events, such as christmas parties, summer parties or partner events. We can offer solutions for the parts of the event that you can't handle yourself, but also be responsible for planning and manage the entire event.

We can offer this for your company event:
  • Large selection of inventory and furniture, perfect for your needs
  • Setting up a decoratve design that creates a unique setting
  • Technical equipment and scenography to create a festive atmosphere
  • Personal guidance of the entire event

Choose a solution that gives your company event value

With ShowTech, we guarantee that you will find a professional event partner and supplier
which ensures valuable and successful results.

Full-Service productions

Get professional help for your event from start to finish. We take care of everything from planning, setup, execution and evaluation.

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Event production

Get help with parts of your event. This can involve everything from equipment rental, technical support and settlement, project management, etc.

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Technical event solutions

Get help with the technical elements of your event. This involves everything from sound production, AV setup and lighting design.

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Event & project management

Have one of our competent project managers ensure that your event runs appropriately and according to plan.

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Event advisement

Get professional advice and guidance on how your next event can go without restrictions.

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Create unique experiences together for your company event!

Company events are an important factor in creating a good unity in the workplace. This is where you as a company can create closer relationships among you and your employees and possible also your partners. A company event can consist everything from the annual christmas party or summer party to a social event after your conference. The most important thing is to choose the right settings where you as a company can sit back and enjoy each others company.

We have a lot of experience with many types of social events for companies and have other times helped with both smaller parts of the event and also the total production.

Who are our solutions for?

Our solutions are aimed at the companies themselves, with plans to host a social event in the company. We have also helped event agencies and planners to cover everything from the rental of event inventory to the production of the technical settings around the event.

Create unique experiences together for your company event.
Our solutions for company parties.

Our solutions for company parties.

Are you as a company or eventplanner facing a company event in-house in the company or looking for alternative locations? At ShowTech, we can help with everything from small parts of the event to the planning from start to finish.

Should the event be held in-house, we have a large selection of furniture, service, decoration, stage and technical equipment to create the perfect setting. We can offer tents if you want to hold it outdoors in your own beautiful surroundings. Are you looking for new alternaives outside the usual location, we have a large network of landlords of different locations. Tell us about your wishes and needs and we will help ou find a suitable location.

Hear more about what we can do for your next event.

With our large stock of tents, tableware, furniture, decoration and inventory, we are always ready to deliver to any company event. We always ensure close dialogue and cooperation, whether it's about rental or production.

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Did not find what you were looking for?

We solve a large number of tasks that go beyond our current services, so if we in the above have not just hit your thoughts
about an event, we are sure we can still help. We love exploring new areas and expanding our repertoire.

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