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Event rental

With a warehouse of over 7000m2, we can cover almost any type of event, small and large. We have the means and equipment to make your dreams for a succesful corporate or social event come true.

Event rental

Event & Production

With a team of skilled event specialists and in-house competencies, we can plan a wide range of events. This applies to both small productions and the very large total productions.

Event & Production


Our team of specialized experts and technicians are always ready to help you through any event. This is how we ensure a successful event with the best results.


Who are we?

Professional event supplier


Are you looking for an event supplier to produce your events?

We know that planning events can often be a dynamic task, which can include many different elements, competencies and skills to become a succesful experience that creates good results. It is therefore absolutely essential to seek consulting and advice from professional event suppliers with the right skills and experience to achieve successful results.

At ShowTech you will find a professional event supplier and partner with more than 15 years of experience in events, production and concerts. We have over many years gained experience with several types of events and can therefore help with both parts of events for a total production from start to finish.

We live and breathe for your events and it is always in our employees' DNA to make great effort to create unique experiences.

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This is how we create value for your event.

Our Services

We offer this for event & production


At ShowTech you will find a large stock of equipment and fixtures of over 7000m2, which means that we can cover all types of corporate and social events and productions.

Our ranges of equipment covers, among other things:

  • Certified tents, furniture, service & decoration
  • Bars, bar articles & accessories
  • Large kitchens, kitchen furniture etc.
  • Scenes & stands
  • Sound, light and AV

Do you need event equipment for our next event?
You can easily order your event equipment on our webshop here.


Do you perhaps have the framework for the event yourself or have you already planned parts of your event and need help with something specific
outside your area of competence?

ShowTech can help you with the parts of the event that you don't have the means or skills to do. Among other things, we have previously helped build a secure framework for a stage where we have been responsible for the technical production or led the project through completion. Our expertise helps us to cover all kinds of tasks through an event.

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Complete Event/
Total solution

Are you planning to host an event, but don't know where to start?

Then ShowTech is always ready to host your event from start to finish. A complete event means that we take care of everything from the planning, design, set-up and evaluation, so you can sit back and enjoy your event. We will start out by hearing your thoughts and expectations about the event so that we best can realize your dreams.

With our competencies in-house and our wide range of equipment, we have the opportunity to handle all types of events regardless of size. If there is something we can not handle, we have a network of skilled partners to help ensure a successful event. Read more about our total solutions here.

Technical production solutions

The technique is a large part of many types of events and is most often what creates the right focus and sets the mood. It is therefore essential with the right equipment, installation, set-up and design.

At ShowTech, one of our core competencies is the technical parts of productions and events. We have extensive experience with the design and production of events with both sound, light and AV, as well as a large stock of technical equipment for rent. We can always deliver a complete technical solution.

Our team of specialized lighting designers and technicians is always ready to help you with technique for your event.


Project- & Productions management

Do you need someone who can take care of your event and ensure successful planning?

Then we are happy to help you. Our team of projekt managers all have experience in the industry and therefore have plenty of know-how about hosting events and productions. We are able to lead a project responsible from start to finish.

We can ensure that your event is carried out as optimally as possible and that budgets, efficiency, agreements and design ideas are complied with.

Do you want to know more?

Read more about how we work with project management here.

Event & Production consulting

Do you need guidance for the design, specific rules or holding an event?

Then we can help. Guidance can be both a 2D and 3D visualization of the event, space distribution and illustration of
the venue's framework, setup, concept development or settlement options with regard to current security and rules at events.

We are a team of event and production specialists with several years of experience in the industry. In addition, we each have a wide range of specialties and we can therefore ensure that you get the most experienced event advice for selected tasks.


We have experience with several types of events and productions!

Over the years, we have done a lot of different types of events, arrangements and productions for different companies and partners including conferences, promotional events, AV productions, live productions, company parties etc.

With in-house competencies, we can deliver everything from project management, 3D visualization to on-site production.

Our competecies and our large amount of event and AV equipment helps us cover many different types of tasks and projects regardless of size. This applies to everything from parts of tasks, to complete events.Our team of professional and creative enthusiasts is always ready to help you!

Look at the selection of the types of events we have made over the time below

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Audi Danmark – products launch

“Audi Danmark's collaboration with ShowTech has been absolutely terrific. It's 4 or 5 times we have been working together. It has been both events and product launch of new models like this one.”

- Morten Friis-Olsen, Head of marketing, Audi Danmark

At ShowTech, one of our core values is to create a close and trusting collaboration with our customers. Audi Danmark is one of our regular customers, whom we have helped with everything from promo events of their cars to conferences and concerts.

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