Create complete event experiences with digital events.

Create complete event experiences with digital events.

Digitization is taking up more and more space in our everyday lives today, which also means that events and the production industry are looking for digital opportunities. The digital events have certain advantages of being flexible and economical solutions for events.

The digital events gives you as a company the opportunity to reach several customers and partners in several regions at the same time. It does not require as many resources, which therefor often makes it an economic advantage.

We can help with your next digital event:
  • Create the perfect setting around the stage with the right equipment
  • If you focus in the content, we will handle technology and production
  • Professional technical equipment so you get the best results
  • Advice and guidance from start to finish

Choose a solution that gives your Digital event value

With ShowTech, we guarantee that you will find a professional event partner and supplier
which ensures valuable and successful results.

Full-Service productions

Get professional help for your event from start to finish. We take care of everything from planning, setup, execution and evaluation.

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Event production

Get help with parts of your event. This can involve everything from equipment rental, technical support and settlement, project management, etc.

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Technical event solutions

Get help with the technical elements of your event. This involves everything from sound production, AV setup and lighting design.

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Event & project management

Have one of our competent project managers ensure that your event runs appropriately and according to plan.

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Event advisement

Get professional advice and guidance on how your next event can go without restrictions.

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Are you going to host an online event?

Virtual events have through 2020 and 2021 due to covid-19 become an extremely popular way for companies to host either meeting or events.

At ShowTech, we have adapted and used our technical expertise and competencies to be able to offer our help in histing such productions. In addition, we have produced fashion shows, TV shows, meeting, talk shows, road shows etc.

Why choose online events?

All events can be held virtually, however it can be both coporate events or social events. We specialize in corporate events, where a professional excellence is essential for the company's branding, however, we have also been involved in producing social live events.

Are you going to host a virtual event?
Our solutions for virtual events.

Our solutions for virtual events.

We can offer several solutions for virtual events. First of all, it is important to create the right settings round the event. Depending on the type of virtual event in question, you may be missing inventory such as a stage, furniture, decoration etc. At ShowTech, we can help you set up the perfect setting for our streaming event, whether it is a smaller or larger event. We also offer a large selection of furniture, stages and furnitures for rent, so you can build your own settings around the streaming event.

Technology is probably the most important factor for a professional streaming event. At ShowTech, we have many years of experience in sound, light and AV and can ensure you an online event where the technology is always top notch. Our technical solutions range from providing the right lighting, sound production withour errors and connection difficulties and sceens for branding and products display.

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Are you still in doubt about whether to host an virtually event or what benefits digital events have for your dreams? We are always available to guide you on whether or not our next event can be realized.

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We solve a large number of tasks that go beyond our current services, so if we in the above have not just hit your thoughts
about an event, we are sure we can still help. We love exploring new areas and expanding our repertoire.

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