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With ShowTech, you will find a professional and experienced partner to advise you on your next
event. We are one of the country's leading suppliers of technical productions and events with over 10 years of
experience. We will make sure that your event is held without problems.

More than 10 years og experience and expertise.

More than 10 years of experience and expertise

Most people know exactly how an event should end, but don't really know how to get there. With us as a partner, we can ensure that our event is taken care of professionally from A-Z. During our 10 years in the industry, we have delivered everything from partial solutions to full productions, which has given us some practical experience in a large range of events.

We can offer advice and guidance for everything from rules and permits, safe installation and settlement, safety plans and technical equipment such as AV, sound and light.


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Become familiar with rules and permits

Larger events are not always easy to host, because often it requires both different permits and plans for a safe settlement. These permits vary completely from the type of event to the location, where noise, number of participants, safety and general permission must be taken into account if it is held in a public space.

With over 10 years in the industry, we have a large amount of knowledge about the current rules for holding events and also how to apply for the right permits and fill in the current documents and set-up plans for an event. We have experience in everything from very large events with up to several thousand participants, to the smaller events with around a thousand participants. Should we help you ensure that your next event complies with the rules?

Just contact us and let us help you with your event.

Become familiar with rules and permits.
Event planning from idea to event


Eventplanning from idé to event

At ShowTech, we place a high value in the right advice and planning for any successful production. The two elements goes hand in hand, whether they are parts of productions or full productions. We seek to create close relationships trough all our tasks, where we both listen and advise to the best of our knowledge within the individual field.

Of course, we know our products and services very well and know how to combine, design and set them up for the current venue. We can advise and plan so you get the right equipment, the right permits and a good event production.


Safe and sound event management

Safety is essential at any kind of event and we have learned that many organizers are not fully aware of what it takes to get a safety plan approved. A security plan is more than an overview or a sketch of the set-up for the event. It should include both risk assessments, safety procedures, a contingency plan and a description of the basis of the event.

The safety plan is closely linked to the entire process of planning and hosting an event. It is therefore absolutely essential for both time and resources to have control over what must be taken into account during the entire process.

At ShowTech, we have experience in preparing security plans and always follow up on the lastest guidelines from authorities. Our skilled advisers have many years of experience in both planning and hosting major events. Whether you want advice for parts of the event or the entire event, we are available.

Safe and sound event management.


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