Are you considering renting a rent for your next company event?

Whether you need to host a company party or show your products at a product launch, a tent-solution can be a flexible and different solution. At ShowTech you will find a large selection of tents in different sizes and shapes, so that it will fit perfectly with your event.

Our tents are all certified and quality assured, so we make sure that you get the best of the best for your company event.

Do you need a tent for a company party?

At ShowTech we have experience in planning and hosting company parties and they are often held in tents. We have tents for all seasons, whether you want a open pavilion in the summer or heated frame tents in the winter.

In addition, we can make sure that you don't miss the beautiful surroundings around the tents by implementing a panoramic solution, both to the sides of the tents or on the roof.

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Are you considering renting a tent for your next company event?

Rent a tent for any event

A tent solution can open up many possibilities for your event - whether it's company parties, trade fairs, exhibitions or the launch of your products.

A tent solution is a flexible solution with plenty of opportunities to create a unique setting around your event and its facilities. For example they provide the opportunity
to create some extra space outside of your own location and can be rented with a panorama so that the beautiful surroundings are not screened.

Last but not least they can be designed and decorated to give a completely unique atmosphere indoors in the tents.

We have used our tent solutions for a number of different tasks. See a selection of them below.

Are you looking for a tent for your event?

See more about our large selection of different types of tents on our webshop.


At ShowTech you can rent a tent with a floor

At ShowTech you can rent a tent with a floor

All our tents can be rented with a floor in either wood or plastic. A floor provides a solid foundation and ensures a stable surface for your event. This is for the purpose of the furniture and the furniture in the tent, where the floor provides a better experience by using tables and chairs and generally walking in the tent. That is why we always recommend renting floors for our tents.

At ShowTech we make sure that it is laid at the same time as the tent is set up, so that both the tent and floor are set up appropriately and safely. In addition, all our prices are included with dismantling, so you don't have to do that after your event. All the tents in our webshop are set up with the option of choosing the 2 types of floors to suit the individual size and type of tent.

See more about the different types on our webshop here.

We provide the right table setting and decoration

We always say, "Decor, table setting and furniture are always included in a successful tent event".

At ShowTech we always take care of the furniture for your events. This applies to everything from furniture, table decorations, bar and bar items, kitchen furniture etc. You can rent both the furniture or we can provide a total solution, where we design, decorate and set up, so you can create the perfect setting for your event.

Read more about our furniture here.

Provide the correct table setting and decoration
Create the cozy atmosphere and the best surroundings

Create a cozy atmosphere and the best surroudings

An event in a tent does not have to be simple and complex. There are plenty of opportunities to make the seeting completely unique. For example we can provide the right lighting and decoration of the tent for your event.

The right lighting can give a very special atmosphere to the setting around your event, whether it is a company party, a product launch or something completely different.

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We have a large amount of products and equipment for any event. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about our tents
or whether it can be a solution for your next company event.