We can guarantee a complete and professional
handling of your next event

With ShowTech as your supplier of your next full event production, you will find a
professional og competent partner. We have over 10 years of experience in event production and
several productions in our repertoire.

360 degree service for your event

360 degree service for your event

With our complete event solution, you can expect us to come all the way around and take care of all parts of you event.

With ShowTech you will find a full-service supplier and partner for event productions. With the right in-house skills and a large amount of all kinds of event equipment, you don't need to have several different suppliers. The advantage of having everything in-house provides both a more flexible time advantages over planning, but also a more affordable prize advantages. As eventplanner you only have one supplier and contact, as we take responsibility for creating your dream event!


Why choose us to manage
your upcoming events?



We design and visualize your dreams

At ShowTech we usually draw and visualize our larger projects before production. Event visualization helps us make full use of the space at the project venue and create the most optimal solutions in relation to the safety rules.

With a visualization of your expected event, we can show you a complete picture of your upcoming event right from the start. The advantage of drawing and visualizing the event design is both to make use of the space, but most importantly to create an overall picture of the event set-up for you as a customer. That way, we can make sure we meet your needs and expectations for your event. With the right tools and description of your vision for the event, we can easily design and visualize your dream event before final production.

We design and visualize our dreams
Professional technology and event equipment


Professional technology and event equipment

When we handle your event, we can ensure you the right products in one single shipment, so you don't have to coordinate with several different suppliers. With a large warehouse of over 7000m2, we can make sure that you get the right equipment for your event. We have gathered everything that is used for different types of events. This includes everything from technical equipment, tables, chairs, tents, tableware, stages etc.

The advantage of having all the equipment in-house is to make it easier for you as a customer. Having to order and plan delivery from several different suppliers can often cost both extra time, but also unforeseen errors in final delivery. With just one supplier of the equipment for your event, you can ensure that everything is delivered on time.


We take responsibility from start to finish

It is not always easy to have to plan and host a successful event. It requires both experience and a good overview. With us as total supplier, we can ensure that your events runs exactly according to plan from idea to end of event. We make sure that both the idea, planning and production thereof match from A-Z.

From the start, you tell us your expectations for the event, after which we will be responsible for completing them down to the smallest detail. For us, a close and professional collaboration is absolutely essential, so you can feel safe throughout the collaboration. Therefore, we do a lot to listen and involve you as organizer throughout the process to ensure that we produce a unique experience.

We take responsibility from start to finish


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