Product launch - give your product focus with evenfult events!

Product launch - put your products in focus with eventful events!

Are you launching a new products? Then you can make it into something very special and invite your customer group to a launch event.

At ShowTech, we have many years of experience with product launches. We know that not two launches are the same and therefore we do a lot to get to know you, your product and target group before planning. A launch event is an essential opportunity to both create a close relationship between company, customers and partners and at the same time present your new products or services.

This is what we offer for your product launch:
  • Create the right setting for the event with equipment
  • Unique scenography and technique with a focus on your product
  • Project and production management so we can ensure that your event runs successfully
  • Professional advice and sparring about your event and product

Choose a solution that creates value for your concert

With ShowTech, we guarantee that you will find a professional event partner and supplier
which ensures valuable and successful results.

Full-Service productions

Get professional help for your event from start to finish. We take care of everything from planning, setup, execution and evaluation.

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Event production

Get help with parts of your event. This can involve everything from equipment rental, technical support and settlement, project management, etc.

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Technical event solutions

Get help with the technical elements of your event. This involves everything from sound production, AV setup and lighting design.

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Event & project management

Have one of our competent project managers ensure that your event runs appropriately and according to plan.

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Event advisement

Get professional advice and guidance on how your next event can go without restrictions.

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Why host a launch event?

Event marketing still occupies a large part of many companies' marketing activities.

Event marketing makes it possible to involve both your potential and existing customers in your products, as well as the company face-to face. An event like a product launch is an event where customers or partners are allowed to meet the company and interact with your products and services. Such an event creates both increased awareness and stronger relationships between company, customers and partners.

Should we through event management help you launch your next product?

How can a product launch be designed?

A product launch is there to represent your company and your products, so there are many different approaches to creating product launches. First and foremost, it is absolutely essential to clarify what goals you have for the launch event. Then which target group it's aimed at and what purpose it should represent. It is therefore crucial that you know your target group well and can tell us a little about them, so we can help you design the best event and match your completely unique personal DNA.

Why host a launch event?
Our experience with launch events.

Our experience with launch events.

Are you looking to market your business or product through event management? At ShowTech, we have over time helped companies tell their story to their customers and partners.

Among other things, we have helped with a number of car launches for both partners and customers and thereby created the completely unique setting around the cars. We know that not two products launches are alike, as each brand requires a completely unique attention and each target group a very special approach.

With our technical competencies, we can ensure that your product is a the center with a focus on representation. Among other things, it will appear with the right lighting and the right surrounding settings.

Close collaboration creates successful product launches!

In order to realize this type of event successfully, we have learned that close cooperation is absolutely fundamental. In addition, we will listen to your wishes and needs for the event. We do this to get to know your company, customers and products better. Together we create unique moments.

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