Redesign and optimization
of our website

Redesign and optimization of our website

We have not gone live with our new website and it offers much more than a new design. We have worked on making the site simple, so you can easily and quick find out what we can offer for your next event!l

A website focusing on our passion for
creating unique experiences for our customers

We have always wanted a platform where we could tell in details about the services we can offer, share our knowledge in the production of events and to show you our everyday life with exciting moment. Our main focus has been to show our great passion for creating unique experiences. It's not always easy to visualize and tell about experiences as it is to experience them yourself. We hope that our new website can help take you even closer to our universe, the competencies and the knowledge that we can offer.


Get to know ShowTech, our values and staff
behind the productions a little better.

On this blog you can expect an even greater insight into our projects and productions - more than we tell about on our profiles on social media. We will look forward to sharing a little of our knowledge and insights into events and production in general. At each production, we make careful considerations about how we can personalize the event and the experience for our customer. We will tell more about this, so you can get a greater insight into who we are as a
company as well as employees behind the projects, as it is they who create the ideas.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and everyday life with you!